As time goes by

It’s Sunday evening, November 3rd. I was alerted that time fell backward today, so I had to reset the clocks. If I were to just leave it at that, I would live one hour longer than I ever thought I would. Or not. Heard recently of someone who said you can’t make a quilt longer by cutting off one end and sewing it on the other.

Speaking of time, I have been revisiting Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.’s Slaughterhouse Five all afternoon. I read it for the first time decades ago. How time flies, as the Tralfamadorians might say (to keep it simple for us humans).

No TV today. Most of the Georgians have returned to Georgia following the conclusion of the annual Florida/Georgia football game. Sixty-seven degrees. Screen door open. The lift pump down the street is temporarily at rest. Mostly just crickets now. And a lonely police siren in the distance.

Sleep well.

The Last Thing on My Mind

The following is my cover of an old favorite by Tom Paxton. This was recorded in collaboration with Lewin Barringer of That’s Lewin on mandolin and bass and some of the backup vocals among…


Here’s a little lost-love-in-the-springtime tune I came up with a long time ago. I wonder who I was thinking of? Oh well, I hope you enjoy it. I call it Wings. Wings By Skip Birong…

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