Rules for a happy life

Immanuel Kent, an eighteenth century German philosopher, shared with us these three simple rules of happiness: something to do; someone to love; and something to hope for.

The Last Thing on My Mind

The following is my cover of an old favorite by Tom Paxton. This was recorded in collaboration with Lewin Barringer of That’s Lewin on mandolin and bass and some of the backup vocals among…


Here’s a little lost-love-in-the-springtime tune I came up with a long time ago. I wonder who I was thinking of? Oh well, I hope you enjoy it. I call it Wings. Wings By Skip Birong…


    I’m 81, been married to my wonderful Annie for 52 years and on a daily basis we still find life fun and exciting, knowing that happiness is a choice, no matter what happens.
    Bil, who has known Skip since 1965

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