Rules for a happy life

Immanuel Kent, an eighteenth century German philosopher, shared with us these three simple rules of happiness: something to do; someone to love; and something to hope for.

Clyde’s dale

I’ve always loved horses. Probably because, as I’ve noted in earlier essays, I was raised on a seemingly unending series of TV westerns during my childhood back in the 50’s (remember this? Cowboys and Cowgirls)…


If you have ever enjoyed a box of Cracker Jacks you may recall that each box includes some kind of semi-excellent prize. I quickly learned that those trinkets, along with the peanuts, usually settled to…


    I’m 81, been married to my wonderful Annie for 52 years and on a daily basis we still find life fun and exciting, knowing that happiness is a choice, no matter what happens.
    Bil, who has known Skip since 1965

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