How did we not see that coming?

Polity: A particular form of political system or government

Congress has asked, and President Obama has agreed, to create a special exemption for Congressional members and their staff from the ObamaCare health coverage that everybody else in America is mandated to buy. The action will simply ignore an amendment to the Affordable Care Act (the law) that states that the only health plans that the Federal Government may make available to Congress are those offered by the Act. (FYI: Members and their staff currently participate in the much more generous Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.)

The Wall Street Journal reports that Congressional members of both parties are fretting over the “brain drain” that will occur among staffers if faced with higher healthcare costs. Hmmm…I think that horse has already left the barn.

WSJ editorials: “Congress’s ObamaCare Exemption,” Monday August 5, 2013, page A12; “Members Only,” Thursday, August 8, 2013, page A12.

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    reminds me of Wall Street complaining that if they don’t pay the top execs top and exorbitant salaries with huge bonuses, such talent will go elsewhere… if that would be a bad thing. These are the same top execs that created the Wall Street fiasco in the first place. I don’t get the logic.

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