Ever forward

1000Leif Erickson: First European to reach North America.

1519/1522Magellan: First to lead around-the-world expedition.

1919Captain John Alcock and Lt. Whitten-Brown of the Royal Air Force of Britain: First non-stop flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

1928/1947Richard Byrd: Antarctic explorer.

1961Yuri Gagarin: First man in space.

1962John Glenn: first man to orbit the earth.

1969Neil Armstrong: First man to walk on the moon.

And so it goes…

who wants to go to Mars?

I Will

Here’s a delightful cover, from the archives, of Pam Bond, my sister-in-law, singing Lennon and McCartney’s “I Will”. That’s me accompanying her on guitar and bass. I think you’ll like this. I Will Who knows…

The Last Thing on My Mind

The following is my cover of an old favorite by Tom Paxton. This was recorded in collaboration with Lewin Barringer of http://garagebandandbeyond.com. That’s Lewin on mandolin and bass and some of the backup vocals among…

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