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Dear reader:

“EQ” represents my first foray into the deep end of the pool as far as writing  goes. The novel is the culmination of five years of work during the period from about 2003 through 2007. (Okay, I never said I was a fast writer–James Patterson, the famous mystery author, by comparison, could easily have whipped out ten novels in that same time period, even with bathroom breaks).

The “EQ” story is a science fiction adventure that is jam-packed with excitement, fascinating insights regarding the creation of our universe, an utterly mind-blowing, sentient spaceship (that would be Alena), and my view of no less than the ultimate fate of our species. Oh, I almost forgot, the true meaning of life is also in there, cleverly hidden between the lines.

Anyway, I know this is a good book because my son said it didn’t suck–and he’s one picky critic. Better download your copy now while it’s still free–I am totally expecting a phone call from Ron Howard momentarily regarding movie rights.


Liner notes…

The story of Benjamin Duke begins in 2002 in a quiet scientific enclave in Poland where, as a seven-year old boy, he resides with his younger sister, mother and his physicist father. A mysterious scientific experiment gone awry leaves him and his sister orphaned and then adopted by his father’s brother and his wife.

Ten years later in Chicago, Benjamin, by then an unusually intelligent and healthy seventeen-year old high school senior with interests in astronomy and baseball, discovers a family past beyond his wildest imagination. A father’s fantastic dream, imposed upon an unwilling son, has placed him in the position of having to decide whether the quest for everlasting life is worth dying for.

His burden will take him on an adventure through inter-galactic space travel, the future evolution of humankind, the ironies of religion and free will and the meaning of life itself.

If you would like to receive a .pdf copy of EQ contact Skip through the “Leave a comment” link at the top of this page and he will email it to you.

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